Week 7 …….

I hoped I would be the exception, but 5 week the shedding hit me. Not as bad as others I read about. But I still lost a good amount of hairline area and within. I also noticed that there was a big slowdown in the growth rate on the transplanted hair vrs my regular hair and there was an uneven transition so I buzzed it all back to a 1 with the clippers. You can see a good shot of the scar and man the Doc did a great job with those stiches!! The scarring is too minimal and my shock loss looks like it isolated to the end areas leaving the most of the scar pretty covered with hair. What is most noticeable is the uneven contour where the scar line is. The tissue on either side is still swollen very lightly but enough to hide your eyes from the scar. This was completely unnoticeable before I used the clippers.

IMG_8139 IMG_8150 IMG_8152 IMG_8153 IMG_8231


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