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5 months with pics

5 months view front

Wow! Six weeks ago I was very concerned with my progress …

3 month and 3 weeks: An exchange between myself and Patient Care Manager, Larissa.

I have to admit, I was concerned up to a few weeks ago that …

3 months with pics

3 months in front view

Hi all; I haven't updated for the past 2 months only because …

Day 31 – Just some tips (no pics)

I was asked recently by one of Dr. Rahal's staff if I had …

Day 21 – with pics

Day 21 - front view

Today is actually day 31 but below are day 21 pics.  I'm …

Day 17 – with pics

day 17 - frontal view

I didn't get my stitches removed until day 15.  The doctor …

Day 11 – with pics


I thought I would take a few pics of my progress so far.  I …

Day 8 – no pics

I have followed all post op instructions to the letter. …

Dr. Rahal, his staff and Brookline

I have read so many positive reviews regarding all things …

Consultation quote vs. Dr. Rahal’s quote

I had my initial consultation with one of Dr. Rahal's …