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9 Months

DSC01475 is that time yet again to update everyone! I am …

8 Months


Hey everyone! I am a little late on my 8 month …

7 Months


Hey Everyone! It is time for another update! I am …

6 Months

Copy of DSC01399

It is that time again for another update! I am now at the 6 …

5 Months

3 v 4 v 5 months

Well I am at the 5 month mark and it is time for an update! …

4 Months


Well it is officially 4 months!!!  Wow…what a journey thus …

3 Months


Well I am at the 3 month mark and for the most part am out …

2 Months

Front-Head Down

I have just hit the 2 month mark.  As you can see I am …

1 Month

1 month- Front

Well today is officially 1 month! I am also officially in …

Week 3

Day 21 Left side

I am on Day 21 now and some things have changed.  All of my …