2 Months

I have just hit the 2 month mark.  As you can see I am clearly in the ugly duckling stages as I have lost the majority of my HT hairs.  I still have some redness esp on the corners as you can clearly in person see the shadow of my new hairline.  It is tough being in this stage because I do get restless at times just wanting to leave my house without a hat.  At times I feel like I am not in society in that I can’t really do anything socially without a hat and have to pick and choose where I can go (i.e. hat permitting).  I understand though that this is what I have to endure for the moment and I have fine with that.  Just thought I would vent a little!  lol.

I am still applying my rogaine foam twice a day and it really isn’t too much of a burden…literally takes a few minutes each time I am becoming a pro at it! lol.  From looking at my 1 month pics my other hair def has grown in (top and sides).  The sides were growing faster than my top so I decided to give myself a hair cut…quite interesting…bc I didn’t have the nerve/balls to go to my barber at this point.  I used a #4 guard and it went pretty well…but my scar showed a bit…mainly bc there is a little shockloss left still.

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