Week 3

I am on Day 21 now and some things have changed.  All of my scabs are now off as I massaged them off during my showers.  I am showering normally again however I am still using Baby Shampoo for a little while longer.  I also started using Rogaine on Day 20.  My hairs are also starting to fall out unfortunately…especially after I apply Rogaine and massage it into my scalp a ton of hairs are on my hands!  I am going to miss my great hairline…hope to see you in a few months!!! In regards to scar, it looks good…slightly a little red still but overall looks good.  My hair is starting to grow around it so hopefully in a few weeks it will cover it so I don’t have to wear a hat anymore!  I still have some tightness in the back of my head but this is expected for a while.  I also still have some numbness throughout my head but again this is expected at this point.  Thankfully the hard part is all done (i.e. up until Day 14) and I look forward to healing and growing!

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