The Brookline Guest House

If you’re going to go to Ottawa to get your HT done, there’s no better place to stay. I know it has been mentioned a bit on HT forums, and it is WORTH mentioning. It’s extremely comfortable and clean, but also provides you with a no judgement atmosphere where you can socialize with other patients of Dr. Rahal. And let me tell you, having that camaraderie while you’re recovering is so fantastic. It’s about 3 minutes from Dr Rahal’s office on foot, and I can not mention enough how great it is to be able to get up early and go to the clinic for a worry free cleaning days after your surgery, without worrying about transportation or cabs. Mahesh the owner is an incredible guy that made sure I had every need looked after while I stayed there. It’s priced right and worth every penny! So do heavily consider it as an option when you decide to fly to Ottawa for your Rahal HT!



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