Well hello hair!

Just over 3 months on from my FUE procedure, I am now beginning to really notice a difference. Gone is the redness of the early post-procedure phase, followed by the arrival of ‘new’ hair in the transplanted areas, which for me were the receding frontal and crown areas. This was by no means an overnight process, with the difference really only becoming apparent in recent weeks. Despite a few weeks of feeling a little self-conscious of the redness of the recipient areas (easily covered with a hat in the Canadian climate, not so easily done in the sweltering Australian summer!), the desired result is taking effect gradually and subtly, hence looks natural and is not stirring any suspicions from those who are unaware I have had the procedure done. As assured, there are no telltale signs remaining at the donor site at all, though it was a little irritated for a while following the procedure.  I continue to help the hair growth process along with daily finasteride/ minoxidil preparations, in tablet and lotion forms. The team at Rahal have remained very involved over the last few months, with regular ‘check-up’ emails, providing helpful advice as needed.  So there it is for the first three months…over and out for another few months!

3 months

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