My Official Review/Experience with my 4737 graft FUT procedure with Dr. Rahal and clinic!!

Hey everyone!  Hope you’re all healing and growing well!  I just wanted to let you all know that I created a more lengthy review of my experience with Dr. Rahal and clinic on the Hair Restoration Network, of which I am a new member of the forums!  I am extremely satisfied with my time with Dr. Rahal in Ottawa!  Instead of creating another long post to document the experience again, I am providing a link to it below:

My Experience with Dr. Rahal and his clinic!

Thanks to everyone who made my time in Ottawa a positive one!  Here’s hoping to get some good growth from my recent procedure in the next few months!



  1. Hey Mike. I see you’re at baldtruthtalk too. Thanks for sharing your experience so widely!

  2. Thanks very much for taking the time to post such a great and detailed write-up! We appreciate the posts and pictures as well!

    Looking forward to following you progress.

  3. Wow great post! I look forward to seeing your updates along the way. The details are always helpful to future patients, it’s also an interesting read for us as well.

  4. Love the detail in your post! Looking forward to hearing more from you!

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