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Did Matthew McConaughey Have a Hair Transplant?

Did Matthew McConaughey Have a Hair Transplant?

Avatar of Jessica Marini

A picture of Matthew McConaughey possibly after a hair transplantWe have concrete evidence that some celebrities have had hair transplants and we have rumors about others. So let’s begin our little celebrity hair transplant series with a very successful (and very attractive) actor who was follicularly challenged and now…is not.

He isn’t talking though so it’s up to you to decide if he found a miracle cure or had a hair transplant. Cast your vote and we’ll see who knows their transplants!

Matthew McConaughey is famous because of the great movies he has starred in like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, We Are Marshall, and of course; Magic Mike. He is well known for his active lifestyle, his love of animals and football, never wearing a shirt, and oh, the time he was arrested while playing the bongo drums naked in his house.

He is also known for his beautiful blond hair. But was his hair always so full and youthful looking? Looking at pictures from 1999 and the present it’s obvious he must have had something done.

Male pattern baldness is fairly typical among men. Hair loss is seen around the temples (receding), and often followed by balding at the crown. Looking back at his photos from 1999 it’s clear this was exactly what he was suffering from, and like most men he wanted to do something about it.

Matthew is claiming his sudden hair growth is due to using a product called Regenix. There are no non-surgical treatments that can restore your hairline. None. Including Regenix. In fact, after looking on their website it even states that their product focuses on hair loss prevention. It will not grow hair where there isn’t any.

So Matthew, where did all this hair come from?

Unfortunately though, he is sticking to his story so it’s up to you to decide if you think he prayed to the hair gods or found a good hair transplant surgeon.

Now, if only I could find a copy of the video from his arrest….

What do you think?

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About Jessica Marini

Jessica Marini is a Patient Care Coordinator at Rahal. She is always looking out for the latest industry news to help better educate patients. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and her two rescue dogs Benji and Lily.

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