1 Month

1 Month

Today is the one month mark since my hair transplant in early July. Not a lot to report since my last update. The transplanted hairs have shed in waves over the last few days and my original hair has started to slowly grow in – albeit seemingly thinner than it was pretransplant.

The donor area has finally healed entirely and sensation has returned to most of my head with the exception of the area between the donor and recipient site.

All in all not a lot has changed. Simply hunkering down for the next two months of growth. I am already sick of wearing a hat!

Wish me luck.

IMG_2113 IMG_2116 IMG_2117 IMG_2127



  1. I can see the changes taking shape. It’s all starting to come together now. Hold in there! Your hair is looking good 🙂

  2. Thanks for the update and photos, everything looks like it healed really well and you will start to see some growth in a few months!

  3. Looks really awesome buddy!! Thanks for updating. I saw your post on Hair Transplant Network as well…..and you’re looking right where you should be. The pinkness will dissipate over the next few weeks, and your transplant will be undetectable very soon!! Hang in there…..the fun is going to start for you before you even know it!!



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