4 Months

4 Months

Hi Everyone,

I haven’t posted on the site for awhile so I thought I’d share an update.

I recently passed my four month mark. All in all things are going alright. The left side of my transplant has filled in nicely, however, the right side is legging behind. It has a distinct bald spot at the moment. I’ve been assured it will fill in over the next two months so I’m currently playing the waiting game.

The sensation on the back of my head near the donor area is still quite sensitive, but the incision has healed nicely. I had little to no shock loss whatsoever.

Below are a few photos, let me know what you think:

IMG_2780 IMG_2781 IMG_2782 IMG_2785 IMG_2786 IMG_2838 IMG_2839


  1. Thanks for your update mrpredeictable! In these early stages it definitely takes some patience. A lot of patients only start to notice the first signs of growth between 4-5 months, so you are looking great for this stage! It’s also totally normal that one side grows in faster than the other.
    The design of the hairline looks awesome! Really looking forward to your next update 🙂

  2. Thanks for the update and photos! Your hair is looking great so far. It’s normal for it to come in a little patchy, this will even out in the next few months 🙂

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