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4 Months

Hi Everyone,

I haven’t posted on the site for awhile so I thought I’d share an update.

I recently passed my four month mark. All in all things are going alright. The left side of my transplant has filled in nicely, however, the right side is legging behind. It has a distinct bald spot at the moment. I’ve been assured it will fill in over the next two months so I’m currently playing the waiting game.

The sensation on the back of my head near the donor area is still quite sensitive, but the incision has healed nicely. I had little to no shock loss whatsoever.

Below are a few photos, let me know what you think:

IMG_2780 IMG_2781 IMG_2782 IMG_2785 IMG_2786 IMG_2838 IMG_2839

1 Month

Today is the one month mark since my hair transplant in early July. Not a lot to report since my last update. The transplanted hairs have shed in waves over the last few days and my original hair has started to slowly grow in – albeit seemingly thinner than it was pretransplant.

The donor area has finally healed entirely and sensation has returned to most of my head with the exception of the area between the donor and recipient site.

All in all not a lot has changed. Simply hunkering down for the next two months of growth. I am already sick of wearing a hat!

Wish me luck.

IMG_2113 IMG_2116 IMG_2117 IMG_2127


Day 21

​​Hi Everyone,

I’ve made it to day 21. Honestly, not a lot has changed over the last 7 days, however, I felt it was still worth noting my progress.

The recipient area is still quite pink and discoloured but is pretty much back to normal in terms of feeling and sensation. The donor area seems to be healing nicely, I have a few large areas of dried blood​ but very little pain or discomfort. The area between my donor and recipient area that was quite sensitive early last week has started to return to normal.
One thing I am questioning at this point is why the transplanted hairs haven’t fallen out yet. I thought they would all have shed by this point. Normal?

IMG_2071 IMG_2073 IMG_2075 IMG_2076 IMG_2077

Day 14

Hi Everyone,

I’m a few days late with this post as I’m actually at day 17 today, however, I wanted to update everyone on my progress.

I had my stitches removed as well as had my first real shower in over two weeks. All in all things are looking as good as they can for this stage. I’ve transitioned from looking like Larry from the three stooges to Hunter S. Thompson.

The recipient area is quite pink now that the scabs have fallen off. The donor area is healing nicely, I believe, and isn’t causing much concern. The area between the recipient area and the donor area is actually the most sensitive. Running my fingers softly over the hairs sends a numb pain all the way down the back of my head. I’m hoping this is temporary and not something I’ll need to deal with long-term. Other than that life is good.

Anyway, pictures attached, let me know what you think.

IMG_2020 IMG_2021 IMG_2023 IMG_2024 IMG_2027

Day 7

Wow, it has been one week since my procedure and I’m excited to share my updates.

The swelling in my face is gone, finally! Really happy about that because my hair transplant is all but undetectable at this point if I wear a hat. Looking back I’m grateful that I didn’t shave my head entirely and opted to leave the hair in the back and along the sides. I look like Larry from The Three Stooges but it has certainly helped to mask the donor area as it heals.

Lastly, I’m no longer relegated to sleeping on the couch. I missed my bed! Bring on the silk sheets.

How it feels

Overall, the recipient area hasn’t changed much over the last few days. It is starting to scab over slightly and is less itchy than in day 3 and 4. The redness is still ever present but I’m hoping it will die down in the coming weeks as the recipient area continues to heal.

I’m also becoming less aware of the donor area. During the first few days I did experience some minor discomfort around where the incision was made, however, it has tapered off to the point where it is negligible.

I’m now in the home stretch of the first stage of my transplant recovery. I cannot wait to have the stitches removed next week and to finally wash my hair like normal. The Polysporin helps to sooth the donor area but it also feels quite greasy and has subsequently made the rest of my hair oily as well. All part of the fun I suppose.

The money shots

I’d also like to thank everyone for their comments. It means a lot to have your support during the ugly duckling phase. Below are the pictures. Enjoy.

IMG_1960 IMG_1961

IMG_1955 IMG_1957 IMG_1958

Day 4

I’m officially four days in and I have to admit it feels like an eternity!

My head has officially doubled in size; my eyes are puffy and my recipient and donor area are extremely itchy. With that being said I’m really excited about things to come!

What I can say…

The donor area feels as though it is healing nicely. What I mean by that is that it is itchy… Very. Very. Itchy! The recipient area is also itchy and I have been fighting an internal battle all day not to scratch it vigorously.

The Swelling

I departed Ottawa this morning after spending a fabulous 5 days touring the area (pre and post transplant). My face this morning was fat since I woke up, not exactly what I was hoping for knowing I’d be passing through airport security only a few hours later.

However, 12 hours have passed and I am looking more like myself again. The swelling has gravitated from my eyes and forehead down to my cheeks giving me the classic “wisdom tooth surgery” appearance. I’m optimistic that within a day or so I will be back to normal.


As always I look forward to hearing everyone’s comments. Let me know what you think. Thanks!3 day follow up 002 3 day follow up 003 3 day follow up 004 3 day follow up 005 3 day follow up 007 3 day follow up 008 3 day follow up 009 3 day follow up 010 3 day follow up 011


Day 3

Hi everyone,

It has been a long couple of days. After receiving my transplant on July 2, 2013, I have basically locked myself up in my hotel room waiting for the swelling to subside.

Let me share what I’ve experienced thus far.

To shave or not to shave

Unfortunately I was required to shave my head. In my consultation it was discussed that I wouldn’t need to shave the recipient area so this certainly came as a major surprise, one I wasn’t and am still not completely happy with. I know it is all in the name of a great head of hair and more natural result but it did throw a monkey wrench into my plans for masking the transplant and has increased my anxiety about shock loss.


Initially I was scheduled for 2,500 graphs but ended up receiving 3,400, which is a lot for a 27 year old. This was my doing as I expressed to Dr. Rahal that density was important to me as I like to grow my hair long and part it, therefore, our strategy became creating a hairline that was mature yet full and thick.

My experience thus far

Sleeping has been very difficult for me, I naturally sleep on my stomach so propping myself up in a reclining chair has been somewhat of a challenge. As I’m sure every person who receives a hair transplant experiences, I have been spending a tremendous amount of time infront of the mirror analyzing my transplant, what I potentially would have changed and planning for the future.

I can say that the team at the institute have been amazing. Having a professional clean the donor and recipient area is an absolute god-send. For someone like me, who showers every day without exception, it has been difficult to not jump into the shower, and lather up my hair… all in good time I suppose.

The results

I’ve included a few before and after pics. Please leave comments, I’m interested in hearing what people think of the overall design.

My hairline design


My hairline design #2




Immediately after



First cleaning


First cleaning


side view


side view






straight on



Pre-Op Photos

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would take a moment to share my pre-op photos as well as the hairline design from the day of my procedure.  It’s amazing for me to look at these photos now being 4 days post-op. I really didn’t know the extent of my hair loss. The pictures are quite telling and the hairline design more agressive than I believed simply looking in the mirror. I honestly can’t wait for the next few months to pass by and am extremely happy with things thus far.

Excuse the subtle plaid on my shirt, after all I am from Calgary.
















Jumping In…

My hairloss/personal details.

  • Scheduled graphs: 2,500 (although I’m going to shoot for more)
  • Surgical method: FUT
  • Age: 27
  • Hairloss Since: 19
  • Family History: Dad is bald/balding, older brother bald/balding
  • Medication: propecia, proscar, rogain
  • Snake Oil: Laser hair therapy

And so it begins.

Wow, I can’t believe it is finally here. After researching hair transplants for over 6 years I am officially taking the plunge with Dr. Rahal on July 2, 2013. As I quickly approach D-Day I must admit I’m feeling a combination of apprehension, excitement, nervousness, and a plethora of other emotions.

However, let’s go back to the start.

My trip through hairloss hell.

Like many of the fellas in hair transplant land, I started losing my luscious locs at about 19. It was slow and annoying at first, however, it progressively got worse and became more noticeable. That’s when I started searching for “solutions.”

I’ve subjected myself to what can only be called scientific experimentation. I’ve tried laser lights, over-the-counter treatments such as Rogain and, of course, I jumped on the propecia train. Nothing helped my cause unfortunately, and I’m sure I’ve financed more than a few porches.

In early 2012, I finally had enough. It was time for me to do something about my hairloss. I’d wasted far too many hours in front of the mirror, and honestly I’m tired of looking at before and after pictures of my balding compadres. It can drive a person insane – luckily the online community is nothing short of outstanding.

My publishing plans.

Good question! Honestly, I hope to become one of the guys that enjoys his transplant so much that he forgets to maintain his blog 🙂 For the time being I hope to update monthly at a minimum. Stay tuned, the exciting stuff is just around the corner.

My hairloss “mug shots”.


I am many things but a photographer is not one of them.