Day 14

Day 14

Hi Everyone,

I’m a few days late with this post as I’m actually at day 17 today, however, I wanted to update everyone on my progress.

I had my stitches removed as well as had my first real shower in over two weeks. All in all things are looking as good as they can for this stage. I’ve transitioned from looking like Larry from the three stooges to Hunter S. Thompson.

The recipient area is quite pink now that the scabs have fallen off. The donor area is healing nicely, I believe, and isn’t causing much concern. The area between the recipient area and the donor area is actually the most sensitive. Running my fingers softly over the hairs sends a numb pain all the way down the back of my head. I’m hoping this is temporary and not something I’ll need to deal with long-term. Other than that life is good.

Anyway, pictures attached, let me know what you think.

IMG_2020 IMG_2021 IMG_2023 IMG_2024 IMG_2027


  1. Thanks for the update and photos! The recipient area looks good, very clean. Having some sensitivity is a normal part of the healing process but if it does become a concern please let us know, we are always happy to help!

  2. http://Michelle%20Fraser says

    The buzzed hair looks great, though the longer locks created such a look of distinction:)
    Appears you’re right on track for the 2 week stage, things are looking good!

  3. http://Mike%20York says

    Hey Buddy!!! 17 days already?? Man time flies by!! Your hair looks great and right on track where you should be at this stage. Don’t worry about the sensitivity……I had a large procedure and had the same sensations. It is all a part of the healing process. I am 8 months post-op this week and am JUST starting to get all the feeling back….and sometimes it is still sensitive a bit…..but it does return to normal as the severed nerves begin to heal and repair themselves. Looks awesome, and can’t wait to see your one month update.

    P.S. Your 3 stooges to Hunter S. Thompson comment made me laugh out loud. I like your sense of humor…’re a funny guy!



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