Day 7

Day 7

Wow, it has been one week since my procedure and I’m excited to share my updates.

The swelling in my face is gone, finally! Really happy about that because my hair transplant is all but undetectable at this point if I wear a hat. Looking back I’m grateful that I didn’t shave my head entirely and opted to leave the hair in the back and along the sides. I look like Larry from The Three Stooges but it has certainly helped to mask the donor area as it heals.

Lastly, I’m no longer relegated to sleeping on the couch. I missed my bed! Bring on the silk sheets.

How it feels

Overall, the recipient area hasn’t changed much over the last few days. It is starting to scab over slightly and is less itchy than in day 3 and 4. The redness is still ever present but I’m hoping it will die down in the coming weeks as the recipient area continues to heal.

I’m also becoming less aware of the donor area. During the first few days I did experience some minor discomfort around where the incision was made, however, it has tapered off to the point where it is negligible.

I’m now in the home stretch of the first stage of my transplant recovery. I cannot wait to have the stitches removed next week and to finally wash my hair like normal. The Polysporin helps to sooth the donor area but it also feels quite greasy and has subsequently made the rest of my hair oily as well. All part of the fun I suppose.

The money shots

I’d also like to thank everyone for their comments. It means a lot to have your support during the ugly duckling phase. Below are the pictures. Enjoy.

IMG_1960 IMG_1961

IMG_1955 IMG_1957 IMG_1958


  1. HAHA! Your post made me laugh “Larry from The Three Stooges…” It is still early days. I like the level of your hairline, it looks natural. Keep posting updates of your progress on here. Your posts are great to read.

  2. Mike York says

    Nice update buddy! You’re halfway to the best part now…..suture removal! Woot! =)

    It gets easier and easier from here. Glad to hear the swelling is gone….and I stick to what I said before……this is going to be an AMAZING result! So happy for you!

  3. The first 2 weeks are usually the toughest and require the most amount of work 🙂 After that, it’s all about the waiting game 🙂

  4. Great to hear the positive report! Sounds like things are turning a corner! No body likes the ugly duckling stage, but we’re all here for you!

  5. Thanks for posting such great progress pics.
    I too didn’t shave my head for my procedure.

    Having some hair show on the sides and the back while wearing a hat made it easy to go out and about. For me, it allowed me to go back to work sooner than I had planned.

    You’re off to an amazing start. I look forward to seeing more progress pics.

    Congrats, it looks great.

  6. Looks like things are healing very well. Your almost over the hardest part once the scabs fall. The recipient area looks like it is healing very well so keep up the good work!!

    Thanks for the update!

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