8 Months

8 Months

Sorry I didn’t post 7 months pictures. I feel things have gotten a little stagnant as I might have experienced a shed of some transplanted hairs in the last month, but overall things still look really well. I had a visit with Dr. Rahal in Los Angeles this past weekend and he said it can be typical for some of the hairs to experience a shed due to the cycle of the hair. He thinks that due to where I am at 8 months post op that I am 75-80% complete with maturation, and that I am at 40% density in regards to 50% density in which the restoration goal was set for. My scar has stretched a little on the sides but looks good in the back so I will probably have to keep my hair to a level 3 or 4 if I buzz on the sides. I am trying not judge the results until I get a year under my belt but I hope I can achieve some more density through time. No matter what it is a dramatic difference from where I started and I am happy with the results so far. It is easy to get hair greedy and you have to keep realistic expectations. If anyone has experienced a shed at 7 months post op please contact me. It wasn’t major but I felt like things thinned out a little for me.



  1. Thanks for the update 🙂
    Your hair is looking good! I agree, big improvement when compared with your pre-transplant pictures.
    Looking forward to your one year post!!

  2. Wow! Your hair line looks great and the density is amazing. Thanks for the update!

  3. Mike York says:

    You look terrific. I’ve been tracking your progress for the last few months….and it’s an amazing transformation. Can’t notice any of the shedding you’re noticing. I have my procedure with Dr. Rahal 2 weeks from this Friday….and can’t wait to look half as good as you! Best wishes for the amazing results you’re going to see at the one-year mark!!!


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