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10 Myths about Hair Loss & Hair Growth

Everyone seems to have an opinion on hair loss. The question is who’s right and who is wrong? Here are some fun and somewhat ridiculous myths regarding hair loss and hair growth.

Myth #1: Plucking one grey hair and two new ones will grow in it’s place.

No, definitely not. Trust me… with the amount of grey hair I have I would have tried this years ago!

Myth #2: Hair needs sunlight to grow.

Unless you are a chia pet, your hair does not need sunlight to grow.

Myth #3: Taking vitamins will grow new hair.

There is no evidence that vitamins will grow new hair. A healthy diet will promote healthy skin, hair and nails though. So eat your veggies!

Myth #4: Washing your hair everyday will cause it to fall out.

Not true. Over washing can cause the hair shaft to become brittle but that is about the extent of it.

Myth #5: Wearing a hat can make you go bald.

Other than a bad case of hat head there is no evidence to say that wearing a hat will cause hair loss.

Myth #6: If you are stressed you will lose your hair.

In severe cases yes. Some say divorce, death or a traumatic event can cause some hair loss, though it will eventually grow back. So that deadline at work will not make you go bald.

Myth #7: Young women won’t lose their hair.

Incorrect, hair loss can hit anyone at any age. There are many factors in hair loss. Hair loss doesn’t discriminate against gender or age.

Myth #8: Trimming your hair will make it grow faster.

Again, you are not a chia pet or a lawn. Hair grows half-an-inch on average per month, whether you cut it or not.

Myth #9: Dandruff causes hair loss

Absolutely not. Dandruff is a skin condition. In severe cases the itch can make you want to rip your hair out (a condition known as Trichotillomania) but that is as close to hair loss as it gets.

Myth #10: 100 strokes a day will make hair grow.

Other than causing split ends and breakage, this old wives tale will not do anything for your locks.

I could go on and on with regards to myths and wives tales surrounding hair loss, so stay tuned! There could be a part two.

Have a  hair myth I missed?  Leave it in the comments below..

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