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5 Healthy Hair Super Bowl Recipes

With Super Bowl XLVII just around the corner, I decided to throw together a list of my favorite healthy hair Super Bowl recipes.

Topping the list of ingredients for healthier hair is Salmon (loaded with Omega 3 and B12) nuts, chicken, eggs, legumes and lentils.

These recipes are great for your hair without losing your man card, and did I mention some studies have even shown beer to be healthy for your hair as well?

So while munching and watching the “Harbowl” grab a pint – Go 9ers!!!

About Holly Warner

I'm a Patient Care Coordinator at Rahal for just over two years and love every minute of it. From the surgeons, to the great team I’m a part of and the amazing patients whose lives we touch. It’s a great feeling to be a small part of their journey!

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