3 – 4 Weeks

3 – 4 Weeks

Still holding on to my hair, so far not hit by the “Shedding” pass and hopefully I’ll be unique and be the one you skips it.  My counselor says not likely it pretty methodical. I’ll loose most of the hair between weeks 4 – 8. I am pretty happy, still wearing a hat to work though My scalp is red. I think I am going to have to back off the rogane. I scalp is getting away too itchy. I seem to remember the same issue back in my 20’s when I tried to use rogane. The scar is quickly becoming not visible at all.

From here you can see the left over hair that was saying Dr Rahal pulled back my hairline. As a note these “dying” hair follicles stop growing at 3-4 inches

IMG_7714 IMG_7717 3-4weeks-top

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