3 Months

3 Months

Rogane is making my scalp red and extremely irritated. I would not tell people this is the norm. If you look at a few of my earlier pics I was clear no red. Every time you see red irritated scalp it’s because I gave rogane another chance. So the hair is starting to grow in. You can see the “sprouts” popping up.

I do need to mention, my “designed” hair line was created inset from my old fading hair line so you will see remnants of my old hairline confusing the work of Dr Rahal. There is a mole on my forehead (which until recently I didn’t know was there) that I use to trace where my new hair line is respect to what we are looking at. And basically its 1/4″ or 1 CM in from my mole.  As I am posting this retroactively I can tell you that the Propecia takes hold and does a decent job at regrowing the hairline between my mole and the Rahal restored hairline. In later posts it does confuse the “official”.


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