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6 Months Pre-Op

So I remember hearing about the hair transplants in the 90’s and thinking if my hair every goes I should look into that. Fast forward 20 years and my hair is buzzed and my 4 year old son is asking why daddy’s hair can’t be longer like his. I just shrug my shoulders and say “daddy’s hair ran out”.

Enough of these conversations got me thinking. Thinking lead to research and enough research  lead to Dr Rahal.

So I gave a call, Chad had me send over shots of my hair See below. Later I decided to hear if from the man his self and I caught him while on tour in Newport Beach.

IMG_6559 IMG_6560 IMG_6561 IMG_6563 IMG_6568

My Hair Loss Story

Enter your great experience here in Rahal.

7 Months…

Density is still picking up. Hair is a bit longer too. I have noticed the front center on my hairline is dragging and very thin. The Doc says this is not uncommon with a complete rebuild of  hairline. He said usually you can expect results to start showing in that area around month 9. Now I am “pruning” back my old disintegrating hairline. I accidentally clipped one side. You can see it in the close ups on the right side.


front01right02-close left-shave right01


just a reminder…… this is day 1 (note the location of the mole).


6 Months…

Light post here.

finally got the nerve to clear out the dying hair before the new hairline. Density is picking up and now I am letting my hair starts to grow out. The top shots are showing my lack of focus on eth crown area. Maybe next time, maybe I’ll keep my hair long covering it, who knows at east now there are options!

No doubt this was a great decision!


front01front-righttop-front top

5 months….

I have to say, the Dr and crew know there stuff, right at 5 moths is when the density and growth really started to get some momentum. The first few months are quite depressing. Month 5 really does get you excited and remind you that you did make the right decision.

Density increased,  hair line is shaping up. Phantom feeling are fading.

Once again, just a reminder my new hairline is inset from my old disintegrating hair line.

left03   left01 Front04 Front03  Front01Front02 front-left-growth01righte01top

4 Months

So less red, off rogane again…. Density is getting a little better. Itchy phantom feelings are less but still there.

I have mixed lighting from the bathroom which is very harsh and makes everything look red  and my office with much softer light.

Once again just to mention, my new hair line is inset and I try to make an effort to separate the dying follicles in front from the new hairline.


Front-right-growth Front-growth front-close02front-close top-right  top02front-rightIMG_8989top01front-right02 left01

3 Months

Rogane is making my scalp red and extremely irritated. I would not tell people this is the norm. If you look at a few of my earlier pics I was clear no red. Every time you see red irritated scalp it’s because I gave rogane another chance. So the hair is starting to grow in. You can see the “sprouts” popping up.

I do need to mention, my “designed” hair line was created inset from my old fading hair line so you will see remnants of my old hairline confusing the work of Dr Rahal. There is a mole on my forehead (which until recently I didn’t know was there) that I use to trace where my new hair line is respect to what we are looking at. And basically its 1/4″ or 1 CM in from my mole.  As I am posting this retroactively I can tell you that the Propecia takes hold and does a decent job at regrowing the hairline between my mole and the Rahal restored hairline. In later posts it does confuse the “official”.


right01 Front-left fron-left02top01top-right

Week 7 …….

I hoped I would be the exception, but 5 week the shedding hit me. Not as bad as others I read about. But I still lost a good amount of hairline area and within. I also noticed that there was a big slowdown in the growth rate on the transplanted hair vrs my regular hair and there was an uneven transition so I buzzed it all back to a 1 with the clippers. You can see a good shot of the scar and man the Doc did a great job with those stiches!! The scarring is too minimal and my shock loss looks like it isolated to the end areas leaving the most of the scar pretty covered with hair. What is most noticeable is the uneven contour where the scar line is. The tissue on either side is still swollen very lightly but enough to hide your eyes from the scar. This was completely unnoticeable before I used the clippers.

IMG_8139 IMG_8150 IMG_8152 IMG_8153 IMG_8231


2 Months Post Op

Things are slowly moving along. itchy, and phantom pains (more like stings) and then the very itchy ares. And now the  “pimples” start to appear. So I was warned about these and to explain, when the follicles are implanted there is a guide hole made first and then the follicle is placed in position. From what I can tell there can be varying depths for where the implanted follicles settle. Some may be deeper below the surface of the scalp then others. This means as the hair grows it has to break the skin to surface hence causing the effect like an ingrown hair (not has painful or long lasting) or a “pimple” as it surfaces. This was fairly regular at this phase, which is good because I need to see more hair coming back.

month2.01 month2.02

3 – 4 Weeks

Still holding on to my hair, so far not hit by the “Shedding” pass and hopefully I’ll be unique and be the one you skips it.  My counselor says not likely it pretty methodical. I’ll loose most of the hair between weeks 4 – 8. I am pretty happy, still wearing a hat to work though My scalp is red. I think I am going to have to back off the rogane. I scalp is getting away too itchy. I seem to remember the same issue back in my 20’s when I tried to use rogane. The scar is quickly becoming not visible at all.

From here you can see the left over hair that was saying Dr Rahal pulled back my hairline. As a note these “dying” hair follicles stop growing at 3-4 inches

IMG_7714 IMG_7717 3-4weeks-top