The big day came, I was getting super nervous. So far I had as required managed to stay off caffeine for the last two weeks leading into the procedure. This was assisted by the fact that I had a cold the entire two weeks and was doing everything in my power to get well by the big day.

The procedure required I travel cross country, this lends to a lot of time to think and second guess the whole thing. In the end I didn’t have any second thoughts, I just got a little bit nervous.

I opted for FUT, I figured I could get a better amount the first round so I could have the possibility of a second round with another FUT or FUE if needed.

Back to the today, I arrived at the guest house. I find another customer waiting for his transplant date. He has traveled all the way from Germany and has his surgery the day after mine. We chat and I feel much better about my decision.

The Procedure was pretty easy, I was given something to relax me and local anesthetic. I put on the iPod and zoned out only really becoming lucid every two hours. They finished up in great time. the whole thing only took 6 hours as apposed to the 8 hours scheduled.

When I had my initial consultation the Dr gave me an estimate of 3,000 grafts. The day of surgery he took a look and said we would be looking at closer to 3,700 graft this is apparently common (according to other patients Dr Rahal and others) so I budgeted for it ahead of time.

The only thing I didn’t like was the hair line that the Dr planned for me was almost an inch in from my existing hairline, well what was left of it. I protested but he said we didn’t have enough hair to cover the back properly if he did the lower hair line and it would look awkward. I then asked what it would take to have the hairline I wanted and he said flat another 2,000 grafts. This is why he is known as the best in the industry and also why I opted for FUT in-case I needed a second procedure later.

After meeting a few more patients apparently this isn’t that uncommon. People generally get the bulk of the hair loss area in front and later a second visit is done to address the nuances.

The stitches of the donor area is a bit daunting at first (see pic) but Dr Rahal is a master and there are 4 different types of stitch work to minimize the scarring and hold everything closed

Day 2 – 5

I had to sleep sitting upright, and how I spend most of the next 3 days. There were a few times that I hung out and chatted with the other patients (maybe 2 hours) and it caused my face to swell a bit.

The final day I flew home. The Dr rahal gave me a black hat similar to a surgons cap to wear home. I was questioned once or twice by the TSA. The TSA agent in Ottowa aparently had seen enough of the patients come through that she waved me on when another agent insisted I be examined in a back room.

Six months before:


Day Of:

IMG_8279 IMG_8189 IMG_8163 IMG_8171 IMG_8220 IMG_8255 IMG_8264 IMG_8271 IMG_8283 IMG_8199



1 Day Post Op:

IMG_9029 IMG_9036 IMG_9039 IMG_9042 IMG_9045 IMG_9048

3 days post Op

IMG_9061 IMG_9263 IMG_9268 IMG_9271 IMG_9733

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