Meet Dr. Rahal

Rahal Physicians

Combining technical expertise & artistic skills

Rahal serves patients from all points on the globe from their offices in Toronto, Beverly Hills, and New York. Rahal physicians performed over 13,000+ hair surgeries, pioneering and perfecting technical aspects including the Rahal Megasession™ during which they routinely transplant up to 7,000 grafts. You’ll achieve maximum results, fast.

All Rahal physicians have deep, specialized experience in Artistic Hairline Design – so you can benefit from youthful, 100% natural hairlines at maximum fullness & density. And are Experts at Rahal FUE™ – the Least invasive & Fastest-healing hair transplant available.

Dr. Rahal – Hairline King™

Dr. Rahal has been nicknamed the Hairline King by his patients. His Rahal Hairline™ combines his technical expertise and his artistic skills, resulting in youthful, natural hairlines with maximum fullness, density, and aesthetically-pleasing “temple angle closure” & “temple point restoration” — an artistic approach to hairline design.

Picture of Dr. Rahal designing hairline on a patient.

Dr. Rahal is Medical director of Rahal – and is one of today’s leading hair transplant physicians. He’s recommended by the American Hair Loss Association and recognized worldwide for designing his Rahal Hairline™.

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What’s the next step?

You already KNOW whether you want hair replacement or not. But should you choose FUE? FUT? Or another hair transplant method? Please don’t decide by yourself. There are just too many critical medical factors for the individual to consider by him or herself.

Call or email us at Rahal Hair Transplant. We’ll arrange a free, professional consultation during which we’ll examine you and give you a complete Hair Loss Treatment Plan™ including your diagnosis, specifics on our treatment recommendations, information on costs and payment plans, and our Growth Guarantee™.

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