6 Months (long overdue I realize)

6 Months (long overdue I realize)

Hi all…

Here are some pics taken at my 6 months mark. These were taken at Dr. Rahal’s office.

I realize I am now at the 9 month mark and those are to follow relatively soon !!!







  1. Thanks for your update Adamo 🙂 Great to hear from you!

    Looking forward to seeing your 9 month pictures!!

  2. Thanks for the 6 month photos Adamo! Can’t wait to see the 9 month update 🙂

  3. stinger99 says

    thx for the update, looking good for 6 months, cant wait to see your more recent pics. im sure it progressed very nicely. your donor area also looks pretty good. btw the short hair style looks really good on you.

  4. stinger99 says

    your right side over the ear but looks a little thinner than the left, but doesnt look bad at all.

  5. Looking good Adamo, Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the final result. By the way things are progressing it should look great!

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