Day 1 – Here We Go!

Day 1 – Here We Go!




  1. Best of luck with everything – You are in good hands and i also look forward to watching this result develop over time.


  2. Hey Adamo, I just wanted to say good luck man and I hope that all goes well and that you are happy.

  3. Tanti auguri dall’Italia. Facciamo tutti il tifo per te. Dal forum ” Bellicapelli”

  4. fred august says

    hi Adamo
    hope everything is going well and i am sure you ll get a great result.
    werent you a bit worried about the punch size if you ever would want to keep your hair short in the donor area?

    • Hi there and sorry for the delay in answering this post. Sure I was a little worried at first, but mostly after reading the forums. In the end I just decided to put my trust in the team working on me as it was I, who chose this clinic and not vice versa.

      Keep in mind that the robot was used for a percentage of the procedure and manual FUE was performed for the rest. So in essence the robot was not used for all 2500 grafts. Even with some shock loss in the donor and my hair being fairly short at the moment, you can hardly tell that anything was done back there.

  5. hi adamo, how is the head feeling?

    • Hey there! The head is felling great. I just rubbed off the remaining scabs over the weekend (2 weeks post-op) and have encountered no pain whatsoever except the big headache I had on the first night after the procedure. I have experienced shockloss in the donor area, so that’s what I’m concerned about mostly right now, but I’m assured that things will be back to normal back there in a couple of months time.

      I should say that even though my head is not at 100% (still healing and reddish), nobody realizes that anything has been done. People have noticed that I shaved my head and actually are saying that it suits me, but not actually noticing anything different about me. I am visiting Dr. Rahal in the next week or so as I will be in the Ottawa area and I will ask to take some pictures so I post those ASAP !

  6. adamo, thanks so much for responding and updating your progress. its thanks to patients like you who are willing to take the time to share their experiences, that future patients like me considering a HT are more informed and educated to make the right decisions. you live in Montreal right? do you think we can talk over the phone in the near future. thx.

  7. Hey Adamo
    You really are a positive minded guy to share your course of development. wanna thank you for that. From my little searches, I understood that DHT is the hormone that weakens or kills follicles. And did you hear from DR. Rahal that once you make the transplant, your follicles will stay intact? i know i am asking you purely medical question.But i was wondering if you have this information. I am just guessing, if the problem is mostly genetic, will the transplanted hair be safe? I hope you will talk to Dr Rahal and be back with some info. Tnx and good luck buddy

    • Hi.

      One of the first facts I learned when starting my research is that DHT is a hormone that predominately affects the follicles on the front, top and crown area of the scalp.

      The follicles that are taken from the donor area are considered to be from the “safe zone”, and are not predisposed to being affected at the same rate by the DHT hormone.

      You will find a lot more detailed information, confirming this statement, in a simple internet search.

      Thank you.

  8. Hey Adamo I think it’s great that you’re sharing your experience with everyone… I was wondering if the fue atlas machine helps prevent transection? Also what did the doc estimate would be your number of available graphs left for future HTs. Thanks again, so far looks great!


    • Hey there..

      The way I understand it, the robot “does” lower transection rates, as it eliminates the human error associated with the “punch” part of the FUE harvesting by calculating the perfect angle of entry, but of course it is not completely independent of human intervention. There is still interaction with the robot so it’s important to have properly trained individuals in place to help the robot in its decision making process, to the point of overriding it if necessary. Again, this is the way “I” perceive it to be from taking part in the experience.

      Regarding how many grafts I have to work with, I am under the impression that I am able to do another 1800-2200 via FUE (conservative estimate). I always was under the impression that I had a big head but apparently it’s pretty small back there so I can’t hit the huge numbers. I did have a conversation with Dr. Rahal regarding expected long term results and he advised me that if I was comfortable with leaving my crown alone, he would be comfortable proceeding with the procedure.

      Thanks for the comment !

  9. Adamo, your pics of the first 10 days were great. Truly amazing how quickly the healing was going. It has now been over a month since the procedure and would be great to see your progress. More posts coming soon?

    • Yeah I was pretty happy about the fast healing myself. I’ve posted another post at my 6 week mark just now and I must say all is looking good !!

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