Day 10

Day 10

Recipient Area 10 days post-op

Donor Area 10 days post-op


I thought I’d post these as I had them on my phone.

Not the best photos, but still gives a good idea nonetheless. Also, please ignore the decor in my grandmother’s bathroom. !! hahaha !!

Donor is healing rather well. As you can see, you will notice that I have a white patch on the left side close to my neck. I did shed a good amount of hair from this area, most probably due to shock loss.

Other than that, I’m just playing the waiting game and am looking forward to the next couple on months to get that new hair cycle started. 🙂


  1. wow its looking good , healing seems to be going great as well. i cant wait to continue seeing the progress. note i got ur number from holly, let me know what day and time is best for you. thx

  2. Hey Adamo. Everything looks as it should. The shot of the donor is very encouraging as it looks like it’s going to heal with very little evidence of the procedure. Thanks for the update!

  3. hi adama, hows the progress. can you provide an update and maybe some photos. thx

  4. hi adamo, any updates?

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