Day 7 – End of Swelling

Day 7 – End of Swelling

Donor side view

Donor back view


Hello to all again.

So my first week of catching up on TV shows such as Dexter and Boardwalk Empire 2nd season comes to an end !! lol (who would have thought Jimmy had to go !!)

So here are the much anticipated donor area pictures at day 7. I must admit that the little dots you see are actually more red and prominent in person, as I think the florescent light washes it out a little in the picture. I should also say that I have not yet gently scrubbed the donor area as I forgot we are allowed to do so. The result is those red dots are showing much more than they really are because after I realized I can massage off the scabs of the punches, the dots were a lot less prominent which you will see in subsequent posts.

At this point I am very itchy in the donor area as my scalp has become very dry and flaky. But nothing that can’t be tolerated of course. It’s justmore of a slight annoyance more than anything. The polysporin ointment applied to the area does not help as I think I am getting slightly irritated by it. Again, not something I can’t handle.

Nothing much to say about the recipient area. It looks just the same as day one except that a few of the crusts on one side of the hairline have fallen off. My assumption is that during the cleaning process, my head is tilted forward so those would be the crusts to fall off first as the water drips toward the front of my scalp. Hopefully my hypothesis is confirmed and those grafts are fine and well, waiting for their cycle to begin.

I will stop applying vitamin E oil today and continue my wash routine for another week. I will also continue polysporin for another 7-10 days.

So far so good.

PS: Swelling did not last long for me. I would say I had swelling for 3 full days. I guess that’s due to the fact that I did not get strip surgery.


  1. Thanks for your post and the pictures!
    The frequent updates are appreciated. Looking forward to the growth in coming months 🙂

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