Week 6

Week 6

Hey everyone..

Here are my 6 week pictures.

Everything seems to be filling in nicely. I still have slight redness in both areas, but scabbing is completely gone.

I did notice that the area near my right ear (just above the ear as you’ll see in the last picture) is not as “full” as I would like it to be, along with a small patch on the lower left side of my head near my neck (3rd picture), but I think we need to wait another few weeks to a couple of months to really see the final result back there.  I should mention that nobody has actually noticed this on their own and I’m almost 100% positive it will look much better in due time 🙂

I’ve started playing hockey and working out again and I can say that I am back to normal and not even thinking about that fact that I had a procedure done.  I think I’ll be right on cue to join the sprouting trees this spring 🙂

I am planning the next set of photos for the 3 month mark, but should there be any requests, I shall deliver the goods with pleasure…

Recipient Area – Just a little redness

Back Donor Area

Left Side Donor Area

Right Side Donor Area


  1. The donor spots look amazing. It seems as if it was not touched at all. The recipient seem to need few more days. I hope u would post a 10 days more pics. Fingers crossed


  2. Thanks for the post and your pictures Adamo!
    Everything is looking great for this stage! Still too early to judge the density at this point.
    Looking forward to seeing your 3 month update 🙂

    ps. Loved your comment about the sprouting trees!

  3. You had a pretty large procedure so it’s normal not to look pristine yet.

    Thanks for the update. See you in another six weeks!

    • Hi Matt,

      Yep I am quite aware. Actually I am pleasantly surprised that it looks this good so soon. I can honestly say that I look and feel as if nothing happened up there 🙂

  4. Thanks for posting Adamo, everything looks really good this point. We appreciate the update and look forward to seeing all the positive changes in the next few months!

  5. Thanks for the pictures and update! Looking forward to watching your progress through your posts!

  6. wow donor area looks amazing. it seems all the shockloss in the donor area u pointed out in your previous post has already grown back in right? how short is the donor area. what grade is it cut to. 2, 3, 4?

    i cant wait to see how the top will progress. keep us posted.

    • It will take 3-4 months for us to assess the fate of the donor area. What is great is that it’s already looking almost as it did before the procedure (to everyone else it already does !) so it can only get better in the next few weeks as the small shockloss (that only I notice by the way… lol) starts the hair cycle of growth. I would estimate that my hair is probably cut to a 3 right now, going towards a 4 (I have not cut it yet). All is all, I’m pretty happy about everything at this stage of the post-op 🙂

  7. adamo, do you think you had any shockloss of native hair in the recipient area?

    • Hey Stinger, what a pleasant surprise ! You haven’t asked any questions for the past minute !!! Hahahaha. Just teasing, I’m actually happy to share !

      It’s hard to judge to what extent my native hairs are affected because when my hair grows out it’s wavy and does a good job giving an illusion of density, but when it’s short, it looks almost bald as it does now so we’d have to wait for some more growth to get a better picture. I would say that if there is, the loss is minimal however, and keep in mind that I had a diffused thinning all over and we did attack the procedure with the assumption that I would lose all my native hair anyways so I’m not really concerned about that as much.

      If you look at my before pictures, you’ll notice that my hair up there was very weak and probably had a density of about 15 % left, so native hairs being lost was of no concern to me going into the procedure.

      Going in to this, I placed greater importance of the growth of the newly planted grafts vs. the impact on the already thin native hairs.

  8. also, now that the scabs are gone, can u see white dots from where the punches were made. thx

    • ….

      No white dots have been noticed with my hair at this length (or even when it was shorter a couple of weeks ago). I would probably see some if I shave my head with a razor blade because I know they are there, but if I had the intention of doing that I would have never went through with a hair restoration procedure. I do know without a doubt that I can shave my head with a guard and there will be no evidence of any procedure ever being done.

      Eventually I’ll cut my hair shorter and I’ll let you be the judge of that for yourself. For now I can tell you that I have looked for them with my hair at this length and I really can’t notice them, even if I try to focus in.

  9. thanks adamo for our clear responses. really appreciate you taking the time to answer all my questions. i look forward to seeing your progress. keep us updated.

  10. hey adamo, how are you doing? hows the progress?

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