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Ancient Man Prone to Hair Loss

A study of a 4,000-year-old frozen hairball found preserved in Greenland’s Arctic permafrost was used to re-create the first ancient-human genome. Scientists were able to paint a picture of ‘Inuk’, a dark-eyed man prone to balding.

Inuk’s genome reveals he was from the ‘Saqqaq’ culture, the earliest known inhabitants of Greenland and most likely had brown eyes, dark skin and hair. Although he was susceptible to baldness, Inuk appeared to have retained plenty of hair, which led scientists to suspect he died young. He also appears to have a metabolism been genetically built for life in a brutally cold climate.

The study is another example of the latest advances being made in genetic sequencing. Scientists say it’s an exceptional technical achievement to get a whole genome from a simple hair sample and also claim how extraordinary it was to find so much ancient hair preserved in such great condition.

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