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Are you making these 6 shampoo mistakes?

It seems that dull hair can’t always be blamed on the weather – and may be caused by how your shampooing your hair. Beth Minardi, a celebrity colourist, reveals some common mistakes when washing your hair:

1) Not Enough Water – Completely soak your hair for a few minutes before adding any shampoo.

2) Wrong Type of Sulphates – Minardi recommends using an all-natural coconut-oil based to get a good lather as that creates a vacuum environment that draws dirt and cellular debris away from the scalp.

3) Too Much Friction – You can damage the strands of your hair by rubbing it between your hands. Massage your scalp (where it’s most needed) using your fingertips.

4) Rinse, DON’T Repeat – Minardi says that the myth of lather, rinse, repeat is wrong as they were directions given in the 50’s when women washed their hair once a week or less.

5) Rinse, Rinse, Rinse – When women come in to get their hair coloured, dried soap residue behind their ears look like flakes because they didn’t rinse properly and there’s still shampoo in their hair.

6) Conditioning Done Right – Don’t apply conditioner on the scalp. Apply it on the hair shaft and work your it through with your fingers. Don’t use a comb as it rips the hair out. Finish up with a splash of cold water for a beautiful shine

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