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Picture of Greg with the best hair transplant results.

Just months after his 2971 FUT procedure with Dr. Rahal, Greg no longer shaves his head to hide balding. His new luxuriant waves and curls are an essential part of his reclaimed identity.

Greg (not his real name) is a 40-year old professional living in Ottawa, ON. He’s a good-looking guy, but found that he had aged prematurely because of a receding hairline. It hurt his ego, and he felt he was losing his identity. Greg routinely shaved his head to hide the fact he was going bald.

Only months after his 2971 FUT procedure with Dr. Rahal, Greg has turned back the clock seven years. He no longer feels the need to shave his head because he now has a youthful natural hairline.

“I first noticed hair loss in my early twenties. It wasn’t that noticeable at first, so I tried not to let it get to me. Then, in my early thirties, close friends started pointing it out and commenting.

You could see my hair was really thinning on the crown. I’m a fairly good-looking guy, but hair loss really hurt my ego.

To hide the hair loss I started shaving my head. I felt like I was losing my identity. I kept my head shaved for many years before I decided to get a hair transplant.

Get your identity back through hair!

Did hair loss affect your relationships?

I have been married for ten years, so it never affected my relationship with my wife. However, it did lower my self-esteem to the extent that I started shaving my head to make my receding hairline less visible.

“I wanted my youth back”

The right circumstances at the time gave me the push that I needed to get a hair transplant. I had a bit of extra money. I had also just met Dr. Rahal and was impressed with his demeanor and knowledge.

I felt if I had a hair transplant now I could still enjoy a few good years of looking and feeling young with hair. I was not ready to accept premature aging.

How did you find Dr. Rahal?

I started researching online and discovered the Hair Restoration Network. That’s when I found Dr. Rahal. I read patients reviews on him, and I viewed before and after photos. I was impressed. Dr. Rahal seemed to have the best hair transplant results.

After reading other patient’s reviews, I decided to start my own reviews on the hair loss forums. However, I stopped blogging a year or so ago because I just became so busy with work.

“I questioned if I should get a hair transplant”

Dr. Rahal was very realistic about my expectations. It actually made me question if I should be getting this procedure. It was a fantastic consultation.

“I no longer feel the need to shave my head to hide a receding hairline. I now have my identity back!”

When it came to the day of my procedure I was nervous. I mean you can read all the hair loss blogs and look at all the before and after photos, but it can’t prepare you for when your day comes.

During my hair transplant procedure all the staffs were extremely professional.  I felt comfort in knowing this. I had an FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) surgery of 2971 grafts.

After the stitches were removed, the recovery process was only a couple more weeks. To the point of seeing new hairs grow we are talking months – around six months. In this time I used Minoxidil and Propecia to maintain my hair growth, but I don’t take these anymore.

“People say my hair looks full and thick”

My hair looks great!  No one has ever questioned if I had anything done and it’s because my new hair looks so natural. However, I notice the big difference. People comment about my hair and say it looks full and thick.

Greg before he had a hair transplant, and 12 months after his treatment.

Before Greg had a hair transplant he felt insecure about his appearance. Just 12 months after his procedure with Dr. Rahal, Greg now takes pride in his strong, healthy and shiny hair.

It’s been five years now since I had my hair transplant with Dr. Rahal, and I would highly recommend him. My hair transplant has knocked seven or eight years off me, and the before and after photos are like night and day.

I can’t really describe it in words.  I have the best hair transplant results, and I am 110% satisfied. I would definitely go back to Dr. Rahal if I needed a second hair transplant.

Picture of Dr. Rahal.

Dr. Rahal is one of today’s leading hair transplant physicians. He’s recommended by the American Hair Loss Association and recognized worldwide for perfecting his Rahal Hairline™.

Meet Dr. Rahal – The Hairline King™

Dr. Rahal serves patients from all points on the globe from his offices in Toronto, Beverly Hills, and New York. He has performed over 13,000+ hair surgeries, pioneering and perfecting technical aspects including the Rahal Mega-session™ during which he routinely transplants up to 7,000 grafts. He performed the first robotic hair transplant surgery in Canada as featured on the Discovery Channel.

Combining technical expertise & artistic skills

Dr. Rahal has been nicknamed The Hairline King™ by his patients. His Rahal Hairline™ combines his technical expertise and his artistic skills, resulting in youthful, natural hairlines with maximum fullness, density, and aesthetically-pleasing “temple angle closure” and “temple point restoration” — an artistic approach to hairline design.

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Get the best hair transplant results today – while you still have hair. Call 1-877-551-2171 and schedule your FREE hair consultation.

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