15 months later….I should have posted this earlier

15 months later….I should have posted this earlier



OMG! I wrote the below 3 years ago and never posted.  Not sure why.  I believe I was going to add more but never got around to it.   The below is from April 2015.  Enjoy!


I can’t believe I didn’t post an update at the 1 year mark.  I know….I suck.  To be quite honest I had the good fortune of my hairline taking a back seat. I couldn’t imagine my transplant turning out any better.  Thank you Dr. Rahal and team.  Here’s a little synopsis of my observations/feelings from month 5 to month 15.  If this blogs sounds repetitive in comparison to my previous blogs then too bad; it was worth repeating to begin with.

My confidence is through the roof!  There’s no more, “I can’t make it tonight” or “I’m not feeling up to it”.  I love social gatherings.  I love it when I’m told I have great hair or a great hairline.  What I love most is no one is observing or making joking comments on how far my hairline is moving back.  I can’t wait to shower and style my hair.  I now put product in my hair!  I can’t remember the last time doing that.

I’m 43 and having a receding hairline at my age is not out of the ordinary but my group of friends from high school  are an anomaly.  It appears that most of them have kept their hair with just one of them slightly receding.  I was looking like the old guy in the group.   I can now go head to head (was that a pun?) against my their hairlines.

For the most part I keep my hair short.  I usually get my haircut every 3 weeks.   The scar I can “feel” at times but there’s no pain.  I have to admit the scar was uncomfortable for the first few months which is the only downside to the whole procedure.

The first 3 months is known as the ugly duckling phase and I couldn’t wait for this to be over.  I wore a hat to work and everywhere else for that matter.  It was winter so wearing a hat was not out of the ordinary and I did tell a lie to my boss so I could wear a hat at my desk (see previous post).

It was around the 5 month mark that my new hair became noticeable.  People asked if I was cutting my hair differently or just what’s different about you?  It was great!

5 to 8 month was extraordinary.  My hair got thicker.  The transplanted hair thickened to match my existing hair.  Please note, be patient.  I got a little impatient around the 4 month mark and had my own little anxiety attack.  It was unnecessary.

9 to 12 months was slower progress but that was fine.  For me, the 5 to 8 month was the magic zone.

12 to 15 month.  I can’t tell if there was much change but it didn’t matter.  The procedure was a success and that’s all that mattered to me.

I think for most guys (and girls) who are losing their hair, the constant struggle of the covering up their scalp with their remaining hair, fear or social gatherings, fear of rainy/windy days, being hurt by an insensitive hair comment puts us guys at a disadvantage.  Why put yourself at this disadvantage?  There’s a solution out there and his name is Dr. Rahal.  Take my advice and get it done.  If not with him then another reputable doctor.


UPDATE…Sept, 2018.

Well, it’s been over 4 years since my procedure and I can honestly tell everyone that this was one of the smartest things I’ve ever done.  I actually want to get another one to thicken up the crown.  That is on my wish list for 2020.  What can I say, Rahal is the man.  Good luck to all.


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