3 months with pics

3 months with pics

Hi all; I haven’t updated for the past 2 months only because there has been nothing unusual about my progress…being lazy doesn’t help either.  Now that I’m at the magical 3 months mark, I think it’s time for an update.  Plus, information is key when it comes to this procedure and if it weren’t for other patients posting, I wouldn’t have had the courage to go through with it.  I’m paying it forward.

My recipient hair started to shed about a month in….nothing unusual there.  Donor area is still itchy and some slight numbness remains but nothing to complain about.  Larissa (patient care adviser) recommended applying aloe vera gel to the donor area which I’ll be purchasing tomorrow (thank you, Larissa).

I haven’t told a soul that I had the procedure.  I have been hiding under hats and lies for the past 3 months.  The only good thing about the cold weather we’ve been having here in Toronto is that I’ve been able to wear a toque all day at work.  One piece of advice: If anyone wanted to hide this procedure for whatever personal reasons they have, get it done in the colder months.

I didn’t find the 3 months to go by really fast as other patients have mentioned in their blogs.  I’m just glad to be into the next phase.  As Larissa put it, this is where the magic happens.

I like how Dr. Rahal framed my face.  I know that if all goes well over the next few months I’m going to be one happy customer.  Dr. Rahal extended my receding hairline at the very front by about half an inch and then he filled in the corners.  He also put some graphs at the side which I’m thankful for. That area was getting a little sparse.  Right now, my native hair has grown back at a good length and I’m able to cover the recipient area by towel drying it forward.  Not a bad look with short hair.  The recipient area kind of looks like (for lack of a better term) a five 0′ clock shadow.

I’m still wearing hats.  I’m not sure if I should chance a hair cut to blend in my native hair to my recipient area (might make it look worse) or I should just wait for the next few months to go by for some real growth.  I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

My apologies on the quality of my pics.  Done with my outdated blackberry.

3 months in front view

above pic:  you can kind of see the 5 o’ clock shadow I referred to earlier.  I actually got compliments when I took my hat off outside of the office lol.  I play badminton after work and a buddy of mine said nice haircut dude.  I just stood there and laughed.

3 months in side view

above pic (sorry for the blurry shot): I’m holding back my native hair and you can see where the recipient area starts and ends.  Dr. Rahal extended the hairline by about half an inch (maybe a quarter to some) and filled in the corners.  When the new hair finally sprouts it should look fantastic (fingers crossed).

3 month in left side view

above pic: a look at my left side.  I don’t believe that’s growth (not sure) but Larissa had mentioned some of the hairs will take and not shed.  I’m thinking that’s what those few hairs are.  If you look close at the side of my temple, you can see where Dr. Rahal transplanted some hair.

I’ll post at the 4 months mark…hopefully.


  1. Looking great so far! It takes some patience early on, but Larissa is right, the magic starts now!!

  2. Your results are looking awesome so far! The framing around your face is going to look amazing! Happy to hear you’re satisfied 🙂

  3. Thanks for the update Blitzy! Pictures look great! Looking forward to seeing more pics in a few months! You’re doing great so far 🙂

  4. Everything looks good, thanks for the update Blitzy! Can’t wait to see more pictures in a few months 😀

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