3 month and 3 weeks: An exchange between myself and Patient Care Manager, Larissa.

3 month and 3 weeks: An exchange between myself and Patient Care Manager, Larissa.

I have to admit, I was concerned up to a few weeks ago that my hair wasn’t further along than I thought it should be.  My anxiety came from patients blogs who were experiencing significant growth at close to the 4 months mark.  I have to thank Larissa, Dr. Rahal’s Patient Care Manager for putting my mind at ease.  I e-mailed her about my concerns and why my hair isn’t sprouting as quickly as some of the other patients.  Here’s an edited excerpt:

From me to Larissa:

“I’m not seeing that much of an improvement from April 9 (3 months mark) to now.  I’m a little worried. I was hoping to see this amazing growth spurt.  I was looking at the success stories at Rahal’s site the other night and there was one client on there who showed amazing results going into his 4th month. I’m a week away from the 4 months mark and I’m just a little worried.  I know it’s just my insecurities working overtime but I imagined more hair by now.  Are there any cases where the clients hair growth kicked in at the 4, 5 or even 6 months mark?  I know everyone’s results will manifest at different times but need a little reassurance.  I’m not using minoxidyl/rogaine and maybe that’s why my hair isn’t growing as fast as some clients?”

From Larissa to me:

“So first I’d like to reassure you that you have absolutely nothing to worry about! You are only just coming up to your 4 month mark. At this stage, you really aren’t suppose to be seeing much growth at all! For those patients who are seeing a lot of growth at this point, those are the lucky (rare) few, with advanced results. Unfortunately there is no scientific evidence yet to help us understand why some patients see results earlier on than others. For now our best guess is that every patient’s body is different, so the way that their blood circulations and stimulates growth all varies, and can play a part in having hair growth earlier on.

I’d also like to reassure you that you are not the only one in this boat. Yes you may see some patients who at 4 months post op are posting online about how great their growth is at that stage, but what you aren’t seeing is the 100’s of other patients who are having extremely little growth at the 4 month mark. Of course no one wants to post online at 4 months that they are not experiencing much growth yet, so what’s left online for everyone to consult is not the actual average of what patients are experiencing at 4 months post op. I honestly wish more people posted at 4 months that their growth is still slow and they aren’t seeing much yet, because that is more realistic than other patients who are experiencing early growth more rapidly.

I get it quite often; patients call me around the 4-4 1/2 month mark, worried that they aren’t seeing good results yet. Unfortunately, the hair needs time to grow, and the way the hair grows in is slow, and thin at first, and then thickens up over time in the later months. It would be nice to wake up one morning and had all the hairs grown in, but unfortunately it is a slow process, which is why the growth period lasts from 3 months post op to 12 months post op.

It’s unpredictable as to when patients will experience a growth spurt. Some experience in the earlier months (6 months or less) while others experience it in the later months (6-12 months post op). It is true that since you are not using Minoxidil, you may not be seeing early rapid growth. Minoxidil increases the blood flow to the scalp, to nourish the hairs and promote the growth. Not using Minoxidil will not hinder your results, but it is possible it may take more time for the hairs to grow in, since they are not experiencing this increase in blood flow to your scalp.”

Thank you, Larissa. This really did help put my mind at ease.





  1. Larissa is the best! Look forward to hearing about all the growth you will have in the next 3 months! 🙂

  2. Blitzy, the pleasure is all mine! I am so glad you made this post! I am glad I was able to put your mind at ease, as I hope your post will be able to do for other patients in that time frame as well 🙂

  3. I’m so happy you decided to make this post because now our patients can truly see what’s going on and that every case can be different. Love your honesty!

  4. Thanks for the update Blitzy! Looking forward to seeing your final results in 3 months 😀

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