Day 11 – with pics

Day 11 – with pics

I thought I would take a few pics of my progress so far.  I like what I’m seeing.  It’s scabbed over quite nicely and I notice a lot of flakes.  I’m sure the grafts are firmly rooted but as per nurse Mike’s instructions, I can’t touch/shower the scalp until the 14 day mark.  I did some research and Dr. Bernstein has stated that the grafts are firmly in place after the 9 day mark.  Some doctors say 3 to 5 days.  I noticed on the message boards that doctors do vary with their post op instructions.  I had my procedure with Dr. Rahal so I’ll just stick to his.

The only discomfort is in the donor area.  It feels numb and tight but I know it will go away in time.

I went back to work today.  No one knows I’ve had the procedure so I told my colleagues that I slipped on ice and my skull required stitches.  Some staff asked to see it but I just said it looks hideous because my scalp was shaved before it was stitched up.  Sort of true.  I wore my surgical cap with a loose fitting hat over it and it was business as usual.  That white lie allows me to wear my cap for a while longer with no questions ask.

I really want to pick that scab at the front of my scalp but won’t touch it until day 14.  I’m sure it will fall off before then.  I like the way Dr. Rahal framed my face.  I don’t want to lose these tiny hairs but I know they’ll fall out soon.

Day 11 - front view

I’m glad Dr. Rahal put grafts on both sides.  It was getting thin in that area.

Day 11 - Side view 2


Day 11 - side view


  1. Looks like you are right on track in terms of healing! It will be tough when a lot of these hairs shed, but in the long run it will be more than worth it! Thanks for your update 🙂

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