Consultation quote vs. Dr. Rahal’s quote

Consultation quote vs. Dr. Rahal’s quote

I had my initial consultation with one of Dr. Rahal’s consultants in July of 2013. He quoted me 3000 grafts;  2500 for my hairline and 500 for my crown.   Both FUT and FUE were quoted and based on price…I went with FUT.  I was aware of both procedures and because I don’t wear my hair particularly short and the price was cheaper, FUT seemed like the ideal choice for me.

It was the day of my surgery when I first met Dr. Rahal.  I thought all that was left was for him to draw in my new hair line, ask me if I had any questions and start the procedure.  He informed me that I would need another 300 grafts to complete the hair line and that he would not be able to work on the crown.  I was somewhat crushed.  Mind you, if I met with him a day earlier it would have had time to sink in but my surgery was an hour away.  I was asked to see the receptionist to pay for the extra 300 grafts (approx. $1000).  This payment caught me off guard but it was quickly justified.  I was more disappointed not getting the coverage I was promised.

Just a heads up for those clients who did not have their consultation with Dr. Rahal.


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