Day 17 – with pics

Day 17 – with pics

I didn’t get my stitches removed until day 15.  The doctor who removed them just kept complaining.  It was hard for him to distinguish between my hair and the black thread Dr. Rahal used.  He asked why Dr. Rahal didn’t use a blue thread or some other color.  I couldn’t care less at this point.  After 20 minutes, they were out and I went to work right after.

I didn’t take a regular shower until day 16.  I know I’m being over cautious but the extra 2 days didn’t bother me.

I still have numbing and tightness in the donor area but it gets better every 3 days or so.  I’m still applying  Polysporin to the scar after my two a day showers.  It soothes the area as it can get a little itchy from time to time.

Other than that it’s business as usual with the exception of working out.  There has been an upside to that in that I’m being extra careful not to consume a lot of calories in a day.  I don’t want to add unnecessary weight during this semi-hibernation.   Green smoothies are now my go to meal.

Below is what my head looks like after a shower on day 17.  I’m still air drying the recipient area.  I will be getting my haircut this week.

day 17 - frontal view


day 17 - side view




  1. Thanks for the update! Being extra cautious always pays off 🙂

    Green smoothies are the best!!

  2. Ive booked in with dr.rahal myself in a few months.please keep posting as the hairline looks like it will be amazing!

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