Day 8 – no pics

Day 8 – no pics

I have followed all post op instructions to the letter.  Keeping the recipient area moist must be important because you’re asked to spray it down with a saline solution every 2 hours when awake.

I took 8 business days off from work (plus 2 weekends)  so I’ve been holed up at my place for over a week.  I’m going a little stir crazy but it’s all worth it to try and attain the best possible result.  I have not put on a baseball cap but will be doing so when I head back to work on Monday.  I do wear the surgical cap when I have to pay for takeout at the door.

The donor area can get a bit itchy but the Polysporin helps with that.   The recipient area looks like it’s healing so no worry there.  The numbness and tightness have not gone away but I didn’t expect it to. I know that will take some time.

I can’t wait for next Thursday to have my stitches removed.  It will mark the important 2 week mark where my life can get back to being somewhat normal.  At that point, I’ll be able to take a real shower, no more saline solution to spray every 2 hours, I can try and even out my hair with a hair cut.

My biggest tip for the first week is don’t do much.  Just let your scalp heal and follow all post op instructions.  After all, I’m sure most of us paid a king’s ransom for this procedure so do what it takes to get your money’s worth.

Pictures will be coming soon.



  1. Great tips for other patients! Following those instructions always pays off 🙂
    Enjoy your last few days at home before getting back out into the world!

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