Pre Op Pics

Pre Op Pics

In the below pics, nurse Mike put product in my hair to give a more accurate illustration of my hair loss.  Windy days without a doubt is my nemesis…hopefully no more within a year.

My scalp before the 3300 grafts transplant.

Front View

Below is my unicorn horn lol.  Not a good look at all but that’s why I’m here.  I purposely grow my front long and comb it flat to hide my temples.  It gives way to a puffy look on windy days.  As you can see, my crown is thinning but Dr. Rahal decided to focus the surgery on my receding hairline.  I have been on Finasteride (fin) for the past year and I know it has helped my crown area (sorry, I don’t have pics to prove it).  Rahal said it would take approximately 1500 graphs to fix the crown but I’ll wait a year to see how well the fin is maintaining it.

Crown View Front View 2 Left side view Right Side view


  1. Hi There! Thanks for starting your blog! We are all excited to see your transformation as your transplant begins to fill in.
    Soon, you will not hesitate to head outside on those windy days!
    Look forward to reading your future posts 🙂

  2. Thanks Tara.

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