Photo & Blog Updates

Final Result

Here I am, my final result. It’s the end of the road, a long but positive journey. All the shaving, the time off, the sleeping in awkward positions, the greasy oils ALL worth it! It has been a great experience made even more positive by the great staff at Rahal.

I wouldn’t have had this fantastic result without the skill and knowledge of Dr Rahal. He truly is an artist in his craft. From beginning to end Rahal really was the best choice.  I am so happy, I can’t find the words to describe how Dr Rahal has changed my life.

Thank you RAHAL!

Second Session 7 Month Update

Here is one more update of my progress. It just keeps getting better and better. I’m so happy, it is even better than what I thought it would be.

Second Session 4 Month Update

It’s been 10 months on my left side and 4 months on my right side since having surgery.  The hair looks great!  I love my new look and can’t wait to see the end result.

Second Session 3 Month Update

I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since my end procedure. Same as the first surgery, my hair has started to grow as Dr Rahal predicted. I fell great and am looking forward to seeing the final result.

Second Session Day 11 Update

This time I decided to shave all my hair off because I had enough time off for my hair to grow back even. The surgery went as good as the first time, without any complications.  After my surgery Dr Rahal was able to achieve and place almost 1500 grafts to restore the right side temple and add more density to the rest of the front.

Here is 11 days after my 2nd FUE with Dr Rahal. I feel great!  My head looks like I have a marine haircut, no one can tell that I had something done.  The back of my head is back to normal already. My friends and family have been asking me why I shaved my head, I just told them I was tired of my hair.

5 Month Update

5 months and I can’t believe how much new hairs are growing on my left side. If it continues like this I feel that it is going to be an amazing result.

At this point I felt that I was ready to go ahead with the other side, my right side. I felt confident that Dr Rahal was my best choice and given the results of my first procedure I felt quite confident.  So I decided to book my 2nd FUE in Feb 2011.


4 Month Update

It’s 4 months and it’s getting better, it just keeps getting better. Every day I see more new hairs!

3 Month Update

3 months is finally here, I have been noticing that some of the new hairs are starting to sprout. I was worried because even though they told me for the first few months I wouldn’t see any growth I was hoping I would see something earlier. Anyways 3 months is here and I see that the new hairs are coming.

Day 14 Update

Finally I’m at the 2 week mark!! I can take a normal shower, I start touching my grafts and also I notice that some of the scabs have begun to fall along with some of the hairs, which freaked me out so I immediately called Rahal.

They quickly reassured me that this is normal and all part of the process. Everything that they told me would happen, it really does happen. After I spoke with Dr Rahal  I felt more at ease.

Day 7 Update

Here I am 7 days post surgery. My head is all oily and greasy because of the vitamin E oil. The donor side is healing nice and I don’t feel any pain. I can feel that my hair is growing back on the area.