My Hair Loss Story

My Hair Loss Story

My hair loss started around 10 years ago when I was in my late 20’s, but didn’t start to affect me until I was in my 30’s.  The hair loss was progressing faster in the last 4 years, which is when it really started to bother me, it became harder to hide. I always liked to wear my hair short and do to the hair loss I had to keep my hair long most of the time.  I had to use tons of hair products, which I didn’t like to do at all.

2 years ago is when I started the search on hair loss and trying to find the best option for me.  That is when I found the hair loss forums, with tons of people like me.  I was surprised how many people suffer from hair loss and how many bad surgeons are out there!

Reading the blogs really helped me to find out which ones are the top transplant surgeons and then I found out that one of the best Dr’s was located in my city.    So I set up an appointment with Dr Rahal to talk about my options.  Due to the fact that I like to keep my hair short, the strip was not an option for me.  I decided to go for the FUE procedure.

Due to my financial situation I decided to do only my left side because it was the one that bothered me the most.  So Dr Rahal recommended to do only what I felt more comfortable with, then do the rest at a later date.  I booked my FUE at Rahal in Aug of 2010.



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