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Did Bradley Cooper Have a Hair Transplant?

Picture of Bradley Cooper before his rumored hair transplant

This commonly used hairstyle, seen here on Bradley Cooper, is a trademark of men with a receding hairline. A modern take on the comb over.

This super hot 38 year old actor seems to have the hair transplant rumor mills turning!

It’s been said Bradley Cooper is increasingly concerned that his baldness will kill his leading man status and has become obsessed with hiding the natural recession. The styles he repeatedly chooses beg the question: has it been cut to camouflage or simply cut for sex appeal?

Bradley’s haircut isn’t the classic tapered cut, meaning it’s been altered to work with his hairline and facial structure with lots of strategically placed layers and a good blow dry. Many celebrity stylists seem to think it’s all about the camouflage, I wasn’t convinced so I did some digging.

A study reported that men with shaved heads were rated lower in attractiveness and also seen as being older. But they nonetheless scored higher than men with thinning hair. Seeing as he was named Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine I can only imagine the lengths he will go to in order to maintain that status.

Bradley comes from a long line of bald guys and given his family history (his father Charlie Cooper is a Norwood 4) I would say he has some reason for concern.

Picture of Bradley Cooper's dad, Charlie

In this photo you can clearly see his father is a Norwood 4. If family history is any indication then he should speak to his family doctor about medications to prevent further hair loss such as Propecia.

The general consensus is that he has not had a transplant, although he is doing everything in his power to avoid the inevitable. Rightfully so, I mean did anyone really notice him in Wedding Crashers? It wasn’t until he grew out his sexy locks that people, women in particular started to really say “Hey, who’s that?”

Picture of Bradley Cooper with hair loss

I would even venture to say that this photo borders on Norwood 3, a stage at which many men turn to hair transplants as a solution.

Final verdict, I think it’s safe to say that this Norwood 2 or mature hairline hottie is definitely someone to watch for future hair transplant, but for now I’m placing my money on him NOT having had a procedure… yet. Although I’d still rank him as one of the sexiest men out there!

I’d like to get your opinion, did he or didn’t he? Why not fill out this little survey.

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