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Day 21

I’m already wishing I had a time machine.  Week 52 can’t come soon enough!  My normal hair is growing back fairly quickly.  It might be the one too many drinks I had last night but it looks like some of the grafts are growing.  I have experienced some shedding of the grafts (fudge!).  I notice it mostly when I apply the Rogaine foam.  I was expecting this to happen so I’m good with it.  The donor area is still a bit itchy which I am assuming is from the growth of the existing hair.  I am regaining some sensation in the recipient area but the front hairline area is still a little numb.  My next landmark date is a week from today when I can stop the baby shampoo and start with regular shampoo.  A small victory but something to look forward to.  Cheers!


Front – Day 21
Top – Day 21
Right Side – Day 21
   Left Side – Day 21
Back – Day 21

Day 14

I can’t believe 2 weeks has passed already!  I’m feeling good.  No more hats at this point.  I realized early on that people are going to stare.  I just think to myself “it’s because I look that good …”  All kidding aside, I’m very happy with the healing so far.  The top near the front is still a bit numb and the back is itchy at times.  Today was the first shower with “full contact” since the surgery (get your minds out of the gutter).  My scalp feels much better.  I never really felt like I was getting a thorough cleaning with the spray bottle despite a heavy soaking and rinse cycle.  It looks like most of the grafts are still in place but Larissa gave me the bad news yesterday that they will likely fall out by week 5 or 6.  Thanks Larissa!  I thought you were on my side.  Hopefully I’m part of that small percentage that doesn’t shed the grafts.  I’m starting with the Rogaine foam as well today.  Thanks for all the positive support!








First Week Done!

It’s official.  I survived the first week.  The vitamin E oil ends today which is great because it tended to be messy and constantly kept running down my head.  I’m continuing with the spray bottle washing and polysporin for one more week then I can begin the Rogaine foam and actual shampooing of the recipient and donor area in a shower.  The back area is still a bit tender but healing well and already beginning to fill in.  Still haven’t lost the transplanted hair yet but expecting that to begin in about a week.






They Were’t Kidding About the Swelling

It’s day 5 now and I finally look like me again.  My face swelled up a ton.  I completely looked like a different person.  Sorry, no photos.  Too busy getting caught up on paperwork.

Pain has not been an issue.  I took the one Percocet the evening of the procedure and haven’t needed anything else since.  I’m pretty numb in the recipient area and a bit tender in the donor area.  The twice daily cleaning process along with the saline spraying every 2 hours is not a problem but the vitamin e oil is messy.  Two more days and I’m done with that.  I’ll have some new pics for day 7.

Day 1 After Surgery

As Larissa will tell you, “Don’t be a hero.  Take the Percocet.”  I was a bit uncomfortable when I left the office the day of the surgery so I took Larissa’s advice.  I’m glad I did because I slept like a baby.  The following morning I was back to the office for bandage removal, the cleaning tutorial and yes … more unflattering photos.



Surgery Day

The long wait was over and I was at the office for 6:30am.  First came the paperwork.  Lots of it.  Next was the photoshoot and some very unflattering photos.  I was then ushered to Dr. Rahal’s office.  He pulled the cap off the magic purple marker, drew an age appropriate hairline and 20 minutes later my head was shaved and it was go time.  If you like pain, you’ll enjoy the next step.  Face down on the table for needle time (no explanation needed).  The next part was pretty cool.  I blinked and it was lunch.  I actually slept through the extraction phase of the procedure.  I’m sure the drugs had a bit to do with it but Dr. Rahal’s crew put me so at ease that I was out.  I woke up, had lunch (great sandwich by the way) then it was time for face up and “Cha Cha Cha Chia.”  I’d love to tell you all about the next 4 hours but I fell asleep again.
In order of appearance … Mike, Tony, Dr. Rahal, Larissa and Kari.  You are awesome!  You took a day that should have been extremely stressful and made it stress free.  Thank you very much!


My Hair Loss Story

I first noticed thinning in my mid 20’s.  I had very thick hair all my life so glimpses of a shiny scalp in pictures was a little unnerving.  I continued to thin consistently in to my early 40’s.  I considered surgery for years but struggled with the images of “barbie doll” transplants that I had seen in my youth.  In late 2013, I had an especially frustrating morning playing “fill in the blanks” with my hair.  I spent the next month doing extensive research on hair restoration procedures and physicians.  I opted for Dr. Rahal and booked a consultation.  I had my FUE procedure on March 26th, 2014.

Level of Baldness: Bald Class 2a
Surgery: March 26th, 2014 – FUE session

1 Unit Grafts: 517

2 Unit Grafts: 1266

3 Unit Grafts: 706

4 Unit Grafts: 57

Total Grafts: 2546

Total Hair: 5395

Size of the recipient area: 57 square centimeters

Surgeon: Dr. Hussain Rahal

Supportive: I began a non-surgical wellness/hair supportive protocol 3 months before the surgery.  It involved the following:

Multivitamin – every morning

Saw palmetto – every morning

Biotin – every morning

Silica – every morning

Vitamin D – every morning

Vitamin E – every morning

Nizoral shampoo – twice weekly

Nioxin shampoo – 5 days a week

Nioxin conditioner – 5 days a week