Day 14

Day 14

I can’t believe 2 weeks has passed already!  I’m feeling good.  No more hats at this point.  I realized early on that people are going to stare.  I just think to myself “it’s because I look that good …”  All kidding aside, I’m very happy with the healing so far.  The top near the front is still a bit numb and the back is itchy at times.  Today was the first shower with “full contact” since the surgery (get your minds out of the gutter).  My scalp feels much better.  I never really felt like I was getting a thorough cleaning with the spray bottle despite a heavy soaking and rinse cycle.  It looks like most of the grafts are still in place but Larissa gave me the bad news yesterday that they will likely fall out by week 5 or 6.  Thanks Larissa!  I thought you were on my side.  Hopefully I’m part of that small percentage that doesn’t shed the grafts.  I’m starting with the Rogaine foam as well today.  Thanks for all the positive support!









  1. I am on your side Canuck, you are doing great! When they shed, it will be that much more exciting watching them grow back in at 3 months post op 🙂

  2. Wow, looks like it’s healing great!! Poor Larissa always has to be the barer of bad news! 😉

  3. You do look that good! Your results look wonderful and it sounds like you’re doing a great job taking care of everything!

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