Day 28

Day 28

Today is the first day of “normal”.  The baby shampoo is gone and I can use regular shampoo.  I opted for a product with biotin and collagen to help support the vitamins, etc that I am currently using.  I didn’t need to treat my scalp like a precious china doll any longer so I scrubbed a bit more aggressively this morning to get that deep down clean.  I quickly realized that my scalp was still tender in the donor area and somewhat in the recipient area.  At this point, I think most of the grafts have fallen out as expected.  That’s been a downer but, on the upside, the Canadiens swept the Lightning so all is good.  I’m back to work and the stares are a bit annoying but expected.  I had done a fairly good job of disquising my thinning hairline and this was a shock to most.  With each day, I’m sure it will get easier.  Cheers!


Front – Day 28
Right Side – Day 28
Left Side – Day 28
Top – Day 28
Back – Day 28


  1. Thanks for the update Canuck! You’re right, it will get easier and you will start seeing results in no time 😀 Looking forward to seeing your results!

  2. Everyday will get better and easier! Keep up the good faith and GO HABS GO!!

  3. LOL a good hockey game can cure any Canadian ailment!

  4. You’re doing great Canuck! Don’t worry about the shedding, it will make it that much more exciting watching them grow in, in a few months 🙂

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