Day 70

Day 70

So it’s day 70 now.  Time has flown by.  At this point I might be hallucinating but I think I am starting to see growth.  At the clinic they said growth wouldn’t start until month 3 but maybe my routine of vitamins, finasteride and rogaine sped it up a bit.  Regardless, I am not enjoying the “ugly” phase but I am excited to see what the next few months brings.  I don’t regret this decision at all.  It was not an easy decision but I had the stones to do it and I am very optimistic that I will be ecstatic when day 365 arrives.  Cheers!


Front – Day 70

Top – Day 70

Right Side – Day 70

Left Side – Day 70

Back – Day 70


  1. Canuck your optimism will get you through these next months, I’m glad to hear you are staying so positive! It does look like some hairs might be surfacing, how exciting 🙂 Thanks for the update, you’re doing great 😀

  2. early growth! woo hoo! can’t wait to see your future updates!

  3. Thanks for the update! Looking forward to seeing your 12 months pictures 😀

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