My Hair Loss Story

My Hair Loss Story

I first noticed thinning in my mid 20’s.  I had very thick hair all my life so glimpses of a shiny scalp in pictures was a little unnerving.  I continued to thin consistently in to my early 40’s.  I considered surgery for years but struggled with the images of “barbie doll” transplants that I had seen in my youth.  In late 2013, I had an especially frustrating morning playing “fill in the blanks” with my hair.  I spent the next month doing extensive research on hair restoration procedures and physicians.  I opted for Dr. Rahal and booked a consultation.  I had my FUE procedure on March 26th, 2014.

Level of Baldness: Bald Class 2a
Surgery: March 26th, 2014 – FUE session

1 Unit Grafts: 517

2 Unit Grafts: 1266

3 Unit Grafts: 706

4 Unit Grafts: 57

Total Grafts: 2546

Total Hair: 5395

Size of the recipient area: 57 square centimeters

Surgeon: Dr. Hussain Rahal

Supportive: I began a non-surgical wellness/hair supportive protocol 3 months before the surgery.  It involved the following:

Multivitamin – every morning

Saw palmetto – every morning

Biotin – every morning

Silica – every morning

Vitamin D – every morning

Vitamin E – every morning

Nizoral shampoo – twice weekly

Nioxin shampoo – 5 days a week

Nioxin conditioner – 5 days a week


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