Surgery Day

Surgery Day

The long wait was over and I was at the office for 6:30am.  First came the paperwork.  Lots of it.  Next was the photoshoot and some very unflattering photos.  I was then ushered to Dr. Rahal’s office.  He pulled the cap off the magic purple marker, drew an age appropriate hairline and 20 minutes later my head was shaved and it was go time.  If you like pain, you’ll enjoy the next step.  Face down on the table for needle time (no explanation needed).  The next part was pretty cool.  I blinked and it was lunch.  I actually slept through the extraction phase of the procedure.  I’m sure the drugs had a bit to do with it but Dr. Rahal’s crew put me so at ease that I was out.  I woke up, had lunch (great sandwich by the way) then it was time for face up and “Cha Cha Cha Chia.”  I’d love to tell you all about the next 4 hours but I fell asleep again.
In order of appearance … Mike, Tony, Dr. Rahal, Larissa and Kari.  You are awesome!  You took a day that should have been extremely stressful and made it stress free.  Thank you very much!



  1. Thanks for starting your blog Canuck! Really looking forward to seeing your future posts and transformation 🙂

  2. Awesome post Canuck! Looking forward to following up with you over the coming months to see your progression! 🙂

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