1 Month

1 Month

Well today is officially 1 month! I am also officially in the ugly duckling stage as you can tell from my pics! Here are my updates:

Rogaine: I am on about week 2 of my Rogaine Foam experience and so far so good. It is a little annoying to have to put it on twice a day but having short hair allows application to be easy and takes about 5 minutes each time.

Shedding: I have been shedding a ton lately especially since applying Rogaine in that I massage my hair during application and a ton of hairs are all over my hands and sink…but I expected this so I wasn’t nervous about it.

Redness: I am not too red but it appears to be most red on my right side corner going to my middle of my hairline only. The left side has some shadow of where my implanted hairline was but the center of my hairline doesn’t really show any redness. My temple points are still a little red at this point.

Tightness/Numbness: I am not nearly as tight as I was even a week ago…I can clearly see a great difference in that I can turn my head and lift it up and down without feeling that pulling/tight sensation which is nice. My numbness has also went down but I still have some throughout the top of my head and mainly still right above my scar area but nothing too major or concerning.

Scar: In regards to healing it looks and feels pretty good. It appears that I may have some minor shockloss especially on my right side where the scar isn’t really covered too well by my hair as it appears to be some above and below the line. It also appears that my hair isn’t growing downward (growing to the right) so that it seems to be long enough but doesn’t fall down to cover the scar. I gather it will fall down eventually once it gets longer. My left side however is growing downward so it seems to be covering the scar somewhat but still see some lack of growth above and below it so it is still somewhat visible. The back however is where my hair grows the fastest and thickest so the scar looks really great back there and has a lot better coverage.

Overall: I am trying to keep positive as I know this is the time where it is the hardest especially when I see pictures and realize that I look pretty bad. My hair’s growth stages seems to be different throughout my head as the back grows nicely but the sides are slow to catch up…it has pretty much always been that way but I never buzzed it so low to visually notice it this much. The hair in my front where I had some decent hair originally doesn’t seem to be growing that quickly either perhaps from some shockloss but I really hope it all grows evenly when it is all said and done! I am going to try to stay positive and not worry about my hair for the month hoping that is grows to a point where it at least nicely covers the scar…I gather I will have to trim/shave it down again to keep it even with the lack of growth in my recipient site…fun fun!

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