3 Months

3 Months

Well I am at the 3 month mark and for the most part am out of the ugly duckling stages thankfully!

Hairline:  I can def see some hairs growing in especially at the corners of the hairline but they are sparse at the moment…there is still a lot of space in between each grown hair as I gather this is normal and as the months continue hairs will grown in between them…any comments are appreciated on this based on your experience.  It is a nice feeling to actually see your hair growing instead of seeing it fall out…def a better feeling!  So my hairline is taking a little shape but I gather come month 4 and probably closer to month 5 is when I will really start seeing some growth…again comments are appreciated on this.  I am at the point now basically where I was prior to my HT…pretty much all my original hair has grown back and now mixed with the sporadic new hairs makes it look a little bit better.  Applying Toppik (which I do only for special events and also interviews) is great because I don’t have to use as much and it really makes my hair actually look amazing compared to how it looked originally with Toppik…mainly bc i can now use those new hairs as my hairline and it doesn’t look fake as before i didn’t have them to apply toppik to.

Scar:  I had a little shock loss on each side of my scar but never anything crazy that couldn’t be covered up with some Toppik if/when I needed it.  As you can see in my pic, the scar is clearly not visible esp at the length it is at now which is prob like a 5 clip give or take.  I would like to cut it with a 4 but a few weeks ago when i cut it with a 4 the scar was noticeable somewhat but I attribute this to some shock loss that will hopefully subside in the upcoming months.

Tightness:  All of my tightness has subsided for the most part and there is just some numbness here and there mainly around the scar area but nothing that I can’t tolerate and/or bothers me.

Working out:  I started working out again a week after my 2nd month going slowly at first but now at month 3 I am at a good workout pace doing about 70 percent of what I used to…as I am trying to be a tad on the conservative side when it comes to certain exercises.  It was def nice to get back to the gym and start getting back to how I was prior to my HT.

Propecia/Rogaine:  I have been on Propecia now for about 10 months and up until around say 7-8 months I didn’t feel like it was doing much but I would say in the last month or so I have noticed my crown thickening and not seeing a little thinness anymore in the mirror which amazed me…plus loosing less hair in the sink too…and my hair feel overall healthier and fuller.  Also I started Rogaine Foam 3 weeks after my HT so been on it for around over 2 months and I don’t mind applying it plus I am thinking maybe this is the reason why my crown looks better?  Perhaps the synergy bt Prop and Rogaine.  I actually like the way my hair looks and feels after I apply the foam as it acts kind of as a mousse and my hair feels and looks thicker…so i don’t mind it anymore I actually prefer that look! lol.

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