7 Months

7 Months

Hey Everyone!

It is time for another update! I am currently at 7 months…time has flew by!

My hair continues to get stronger and I am thankfully still finished with Toppik as I posted in my 6 month update…that alone is such a weight off of me.

My hair this month was very wavy…almost out of control wavy in that the new hair is very coarse and almost like steel wool! lol. I know this is normal in that the hair is still immature and needs to mature some more. Def no true complaints here. I put gel/glue product in my hair and it is so curly but again if that is my only issue then I am winning! lol. Does anyone have a suggestion and/or hair product to straighten out my hair…especially my hairline. I use a glue like product now bu it still doesn’t truly control the wavy/coarse hair.

I imagine I still have more months to grow and/or mature so I am looking forward to that. My crown continues to hold up as I am on Propecia now for about 14 months. I also have since been on Rogaine about 3 weeks after my HT so figure around 6 months.


  1. Thanks for the update! Looking good at 7 months 🙂
    The hairs will calm down over the next few months and blend more naturally. Until then, looks like you’ve been styling your hair very well.

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